Why I Love Bandeau Bikinis

Ask me what is my favorite bikini? Lately my answer is the ever all American Bandeau Bikini¬†! It can be paired with cut off jeans, or some really cute cheeky bikini bottoms. If you’re Greek you may know that wearing a Bandeau dates back to ancient Greece where it was called “apodesmos”.¬†It consists of a […]


Perfect and Ethical Swimwear Solutions

It’s something girls, from teenagers on up, come to fear – the annual swimsuit season. But because of the job of some of modern most popular swimwear manufacturers, ladies will not need to worry the inevitable – there is a bikini designer to flatter every age, every condition. Triangle Top Bikini This swimsuit model is […]


Shopping online for the best plus size clothing

Searching online to buy plus size graphic tee shirts or other clothing can be tough for a beautiful woman like yourself. Having a plus sized body can be a bummer when shopping for clothing. It’s hard enough finding a shop that sells good plus size clothing; it is much harder with all the nasty looks […]

Top Plus Size Models

Plus size and plus size trend has been making amazing waves in the news and amongst the fashion industry. As referenced in an earlier post: The Year of the Plus Size Woman, there is a movement going on here, and all I can say is IT IS ABOUT TIME! Gone are the days where you […]


Top Ten Plus Size Tips For Your Look

1. Stay Away From Shapeless Plus Size Clothes Styles. Never go for unshapely oversize clothing every again. Unshapely garments conceals your whole appearances great quality and negative. Decide clothes variations that accentuate the best plus size body attributes and disguise the ones you do not like. Garments lacking the proper tailoring are almost always going […]

beat belly fat with joan pagano

Best Ways To Beat Belly Fat With Joan Pagano

There’s consistently been an increase demand to shrink belly fat, but few have put it into actions. As such, when one needs to reduce that belly fat, it is not only through words to allow it to be happen, if you want to find outcomes which are done for quite a long time, one must […]